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I'm Clara,

 a UX Designer from Vienna, who is currently working in passenger information design for the public transport provider Wiener Linien

Being an avid advocate for inclusivity and accessibility, I believe understanding the lenses through which we view our world is an important step to designing new products.

What words or signs do we use to communicate? Why do we use them? 


With my background in cultural studies, I enjoy exploring different societal norms, their historical origins, and how they influence our use of imagery and language. This greatly influences my design process.

My goal as a designer is to join creativity and practicality to create innovative design solutions for users.

Outside of work I love traveling, writing, and exploring virtual worlds.


May 2024

Wiener Linien

Graphic designer

Strategic Passenger Information

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*in

UX-Design und Grafik

Strategic Passenger Information


Middlesex University & SAE Institute Vienna:

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Game Art Animation 2021

Diploma for Game Art & 3D Animation 2020

During my time at the SAE Institute, I focused my studies on the visual design development of user interfaces in games and the user experience in 3D spaces, like level design and other three-dimensional environments.

Google Career Certificate

Google UX Design Certificate 2022

In 2022, while finishing up my second major in Korean Studies at the University of Vienna, I decided to further expand my knowledge in the realm of UX by pursuing Google's UX Design Professional Certificate Program.

Technical Skills  

UI Design ・UX Design ・ UX Research

Design Thinking ・ User Research ・ Wireframes ・ Prototypes ・ Usability Studies

Game Design ・ 3D Environment Art・ 3D Modeling & Sculpting ・ 3D Rendering

Software Skills  

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